PARENTS FIRST HOMECARE proudly employs a dedicated team of highly qualified, honest and dependable home health aides. Each and every one of our aides is a certified caregiver who has undergone an extensive interview/screening process and a criminal background check. They are all licensed, bonded and insured under the company’s insurance. Each is carefully selected based on personality and disposition as well as their ability to improve care and companionship.

Our proactive, team approach to service provides our clients with an exceptional level of personalized care, Every effort is made to keep the members of our management staff connected to the client and the caregiver in order to anticipate any needs or  circumstances which may arise as the home care process develops and is carried out.

The Nurse Supervisor will remain personally involved with each and every client through 24- hour phone accessibility, daily “care calls” to clients with a text or email update to family members and regularly scheduled visits to the home. The care our clients receive is routinely monitored through daily progress notes from the caregivers and visits from our Care Coordinator.

The Nurse Supervisor will continue to visit each client in their home every month to ensure that the current plan is meeting all the expectations and that the relationship with the caregiver is peasant and agreeable for all involved.

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We strive to deliver the highest level of comprehensive,

cost-effective home
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Extremely strict standards of care are maintained along with a strong commitment to excellence in service, in order to ensure our clients a distinguished level of
individualized and personalized care.